Eat Drink and Be Merry

WordPress's prompt today is, as you can see by my title, about food.

Very specifically, actually, it's about our last dinner -- what I'd choose to eat if I could never eat again and I knew it.

This is really hard for me.  I freaking love food.  To choose just a few things for one meal?  Weird.

I will try.


Italian Wedding Soup.  Yum!


Main Course:

I will take steak - medium.  Like... the best cut of it you can find.  With that, I will take a bacon, cheddar, and broccoli thrice baked potato, and steamed and seasoned broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots....




Oh man.  This one's so hard.

Egg nog ice cream cake.  The kind my step-sister, Melody made at Christmas that one year.  I'll hook you up with her contact information so you don't screw it up.  It needs to be pretty perfect if I'm never eating again.



Hands down, piña coladas... two of them... one for each hand... I'll set sail with Captain Morgan, and never reach dry land............ oh, yes, and they WILL be served in coconuts.  The end.


Who would I eat it with?  My closest and best of friends, of course.  And my family.  It would be a big meal.  Lots of steak to feed lots of people.  We'd eat somewhere comfortable where everyone could relax, and we'd talk about.... the things we're thankful for and the things we're glad we'd accomplished by that point.  You know, nice and low key.

Please keep following, as I've joined NaBloPoMo, National Blog Post Month -- so you guessed it, I'll be posting every single day for the entire month of November.  Sometimes I'll use WordPress's or BlogHer's prompts, other days (like November 6th when I'm posting my 2 year Blogiversary post) I'll just write whatever I want.  I think it'll be an interesting challenge.  And hopefully it'll expand my audience as I go :D

All images courtesy of Google Image search, since what I ate for dinner tonight was leftover pizza and it wasn't even that good.


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