Eating Clean and Insanity

Back to life, back to reality. :/ It's not even been a full week since I returned from Mexico and I'm already back in the full swing of classes and work!

However, I have changed up my fitness this year. And my diet. 

For fitness, I have started doing Insanity. I asked for it as a Christmas gift cos it is butt expensive (but my grandma got it for me used on Amazon! So if you don't want to spend the full $180 or whatever it costs, check it out used on Amazon cos we got it for like $70 and it obviously works just as well). 

It is literally INSANE. I like working out and after the warm up of Insanity I feel exhausted and sweat is dripping. I have to do it in my room with my door shut because I dont want my roommates to see how RED I turn. Literally even the backs of my hands turn lobster red! It pushes me beyond my comfort zone and while I hate that, I also love it. When doing Insanity you have to be careful not to like...die. Or pass out. Or whatever. It's hard. But I can see myself getting better. When I first started (aka 5 days ago) I would take breaks more often than what was built in to the program. Now I just modify exercises when I am exhausted. For example, sometimes I can't do the walking push-ups so I will just do the "girl" version of push ups (with my knees on the ground) even though I am normally fully capable of doing regular push ups and walking push ups and whatever.

It's good though. Cos as Kanye West said...SLOW MOTION IS BETTER THAN NO MOTION. I can see myself gradually improving and soon I hope to lessen the modifcations I do and just be able to push myself through the entire 45 minutes. It's a form of torture though, but the good kind - the kind that gets you in shape.

That being said, to see results with Insanity you also have to follow the nutrition. CLEAN EATING is key. Insanity comes with an Elite Nutrition guide, but even if for some reason you buy it used and the person was a butt and left out the nutrition guide, you can still find it on the internet. 

What is not allowed is obvious: no alcohol, no processed food, no simple carbs, no man-made sugar, no fried foods. I mean it's more in depth than that, but that's the gist of it. 

A lot of people feel like a diet like that is full of deprivation but I have come to learn that's not how it is at all.

I've been eating clean for five days and have not once felt starved or deprived in any way. 

It's a hard habit to get into, really truly it is. And I still have a long way to go. But it's amazing the difference in my levels of energy and how I feel.

Tomorrow I'll go more in depth about clean eating and my personal choices on how I eat clean so that this post doesn't get too long. :) 

Also take note that Insanity has specific calorie needs - at my weight to lose weight on the Insanity program I'm supposed to eat 2,086 calories a day!!  I'll talk about how I meet my calorie requirements eating only healthy food and why it's better to eat 2,086 than 1,200! :)

What fitness and nutrition goals have you made for this year?  

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