Eating Clean: My Version of the Eat-Clean Method

Eating Clean - My Way

I’m a girl who loves healthy eating, just as much as I love my dog Mags and thought I’d share my perspective of the ever so popular Eat-Clean lifestyle…

Sooooo for the last eleven or so years of my life my mother has been educating me and the rest of North America… and the planet… about the Eat-Clean concept. She is of course Tosca Reno, the author of The Eat-Clean Diet Series. She is a nutritionist of course and certified to give nutrition advice. I am not, I’m just an advocate of the lifestyle SO read this with an open and inquisitive mind.

As a once eating disordered teenager, it has been a combination of many years of counselling, my mother’s help and the Eat-Clean Diet that have helped me overcome the disorder. I now treat food as fuel, eat for nourishment, health and wellbeing. Eating Clean allows me to do the things I love: run, play with Mags, do yoga, be a top performer at work or school and just basically feel amazing. It is truly incredible how alive you feel when you Eat a Clean diet full of amazing, un-processed, chemical free foods.

Now the concept of Eating Clean is of course evolving, and it is something everyone can apply to their lives in various ways. For instance, I’m 25. I started Eating Clean when I was a teenager. And there’s this thing called booze, and well. I drink it. I also drink coffee. Those are my guilty pleasures. But I do it in a moderate way (ok maybe not coffee), and I always supplement my diet when I know I’m going to be drinking (I’ll explain later). I’m also a bit more cautious when it comes to grains… I don’t really eat them. This drives my mom and my sister who is a Naturopathic Doctor (follow her here) CRAZY! I really don’t like grains, I also am very picky about red meat, and I dislike potatoes. I am not a vegetarian or vegan – I couldn’t live without eggs, or whole milk, or yogurt. BUT I  I LOVE vegetarian or vegan cooking. I also looooove experimenting with raw food recipes, and gluten-free baked goods… Just so you know, I’m not a cook either. I actually hate cooking, but when I find a recipe I’m excited about I just can’t resist a little kitchen time. My cooking method is more assembly – where I just take all these fresh awesome ingredients and throw ‘em together. BAM Eating Clean is the result. Not to mention it’s a time saver, which means more play time for me and Mags. There’s obviously a little more to it but you get the idea.

I believe that once you start Eating Clean and master the lifestyle you learn about your body and you learn what you need and how to make it yours.

Sooo the concepts?

Well obviously I’m going to tell you to read my mom’s book but that’s because I’m -

a) biased and
b) follow it myself and
c) know that it changes lives.

But I will give you some starting points, and point you to another blog about “dieting” that I absolutely HEART –>> The Anti-Diet ~ The Londoner

1. Know that every meal should include the following: complex carbohydrates (fruit/veg/whole grains), lean protein, healthy fat. Just get that equation in your head, it is the rule of THUMB.

2. Be a Clean Grocery Shopper: Read the ingredients list. If there are more than 5 ingredients in the list stay away. If one of the first ingredients is sugar, stay away. Easy-Peasy. (As my mom says – shop the perimeter: produce, meats/fish, dairy, eggs, grains). STAY away from subliminal messaging and products that say they’re “HEALTHY” or “LOW-FAT” (I hate this, healthy fats are so good for you) or “SUGAR-FREE”… Just read the ingredients and go back to my first point. Seriously companies will say anything and it’s all a load of Bull and it really ticks me off.

3. Drink 1 ingredient LIQUIDS: WATER, coconut water, black coffee (I’ll share my clean coffee tips later in the notes) and clear tea. The only liquids that don’t apply are homemade lavender lemonade (see below), homemade juices and kombucha (I’ll share more later)

4. Start your day with GREENS: I mean it. Greens in the am make your skin shine. You’ll be glowing like a shiny ray of sunshine if you eat your greens. I usually do a green shake, which is amazing for liver detoxification and digestion too. The base is always the same: spinach (1-2 cups), coconut oil, chia seeds, coconut water, Sunwarrior raw vegan protein and Sunwarrior Ormus greens. Then I add: green apple, celery, lime & lemon juice and sometimes a knob of ginger. I get really creative with my green shakes so I’ll share the recipes as I create them. The other option is sautee 1-2 cups spinach and 2 eggs. YUM! (PS: you need fat to digest greens so make sure you’re getting your healthy fats)


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