Eating Organic Every Day

That's me, always saying "eat some green!" at Sillyboy, and Jay.  My husband used to call it "rabbit food" when I'd put together the same exact salad every. single. meal, but I've tried to change up the 'accessories' with our current go-to salads.  I'm trying to get us to not just eat something green (it's a great start!), but to eat something organic every day, too.  How do we do that on hectic-super-work/daycare pickup/soccer practice/after school pickup days?  Little steps.

My first little step is to replace my over-sugared packets of oatmeal for breakfast that I talked about before, with the bestest ever organic cereal ever like I've raved about here.  I still need some sugar for flavor- just a tad, so I top my organic granola with sweetened vanilla almond milk.  I get to eat organic, it's filling, and the almond milk has boatloads' more calcium than cow's milk.  I add a banana side to round out my organic and vegan breakfast.

My hope is that both kids (and Jay) always expect a salad with dinner, and if not for dinner than lunch- even if we are eating out at a restaurant on a weekend.  #fingerscrossed.  I don't want for any of us to get bored with salad, if it's served every single day.  The usual suspects were always red leaf lettuce, carrots (matchsticks or cubes), and tomatoes.  Topped with loads of ranch dressing.  All-American (killer western diets, rah rah) and yet soooo boring.  And with too much ranch.

So I got a little fancy-pants and switched to organic romaine hearts (which you can read about here), and started mixing greens like organic spinach above.  Then I realized that the organic carrots cut into matchsticks or cubes were usually picked over for the most part- maybe they were too crunchy in small bites?  To fix that, I started shredding a carrot to sprinkle atop the salad= genius!  Cucumber is still cubed- sometimes seeded, sometimes not.  Then I add the accessories: sliced almonds, sliced olives, and garlic croutons (just a few).

I prefer a vinaigrette always for my salad, but it's really hard to break people from their ranch dressing habit.  And it's hard to limit a big dollop vs. a small dollop, so your salad doesn't end up camouflaged in dressing.  Hello, romaine, are you in there? So I add just a bit to the entire salad, toss it all together, and pop the dressing back in the fridge.

You can see the cloudy bits covered in ranch dressing, so it still gives the flavor with room enough to taste the greens.  I hope we move farther, and farther away from ranch all together, but these boys' old habits die hard.  Apparently, everything tastes better with ranch. --> who said that, I don't know, but I hear it all the time.  Let's not kill the flavor of organic veggies with it!

Do you improve your go-to dinner salads?  What type of salad "accessories" do you add in?  I'm the only one who enjoys dried cranberries to spinach greens, and sometimes I "forget" to buy ranch when grocery shopping.


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