Hey, B.F.F.’s! It’s another unprepared Friday where I run off some random things at three in the morning while I’m half asleep. At this point, it’s almost a regular thing. There’s talks of making it permanent.





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On Monday we talked about sugar and how I’m working on eliminating added sugar in my diet. This week I’ve fought off a sugar craving and didn’t eat a cookie that was in a boxed lunch that I also shouldn’t be eating.  I also haven’t had a soda in weeks although this week I did stare longingly at the Mountain Dew in the vending machine. You know, like the cover of a Harlequin Romance, only I’m the girl and I’m being dipped by a 20 ounce. Ummm, yeah. We’ll just leave it at that.



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I went to Dierbergs last night because it’s on my way home and stocked up on organic meats. I feel healthier just having purchased them. With that being said, most of the meats said that the animal was fed an “organic vegetarian diet”. First off, what does that mean? Corn and potatoes? Um, no thank you. Secondly, the last time I checked, chickens aren’t vegetarians. While I know they don’t want to eat other chickens (Tyson!), I do think they’d prefer some worms and grubs. Last point, why can’t it just say something like “this animal led a natural, healthy life, in a prairie eating what it likes to eat. All was good until you decided you needed to make dinner.” Of course, thoughts like that are the reason I don’t eat much meat in the first place.

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