Eating Till I'm Full

Yesterday I didn't blog and it just so happens that yesterday we went out to lunch.  Tasty, delicious, salty and filling.  The day before at the community health talk we were encouraged to eat till we were no longer hungry and not till we were full.  How quickly I did not retain that advice!

The interesting thing about eating is that once I indulge, I have a hard time pulling the reins back in.  I picked at some things in the afternoon, had seconds of dinner (crab pasta) and seconds of beer and almost - almost - bought ice cream at the store.

Last year I'd go to the store and spend forever buying one or two things.  I spent forever because I'd struggle with wanting to buy more things and so I'd spend crazy amounts of time walking up and down the aisles NOT picking things up.  At least now I'm faster, but last night reminded me of last year.  I really did lots of ice cream staring, but our rule is that we don't buy it unless it's on sale and we only buy the ice cream with the ingredients that are words we know and none of those were on sale.  Thankfully.  I really knew that I didn't need my indulging to include a scoop (or two) of ice cream.

Today, I was back on track with my very late breakfast.  For lunch, I was tempted again, but this is where I did great and it's also where I just can't eat till I'm no longer hungry.  I cooked up a couple cups of frozen veggies in garlic and soy sauce with an entire container of fresh spinach, a red pepper and some sugar peas and then I topped it all off with goat cheese.  Goat cheese is amazing stuff and my lunch really was delicious and crazy filling.

Except that I found I still wanted something more so I had more spinach with blue cheese. I do like these salty foods.

Eating till I'm no longer hungry is not something I seem to wish to embrace.  I do much better with the structure of calories or the structure of whatever is in my bowl is all I get.

I had a small veggie stir fry dinner that my husband made and then left the house for class.  No beer.  No late night snacking.  It's good on the nights I teach.

My knee is still off, but I'm pretty certain it will be fine if I keep being mindful and if I do lots of stretching.  I didn't go to the gym this morning in an effort to get some sleep, but I will go tomorrow morning and I'll focus on sit ups and stretching and arm exercises if I think the treadmill would be foolish.

So I guess today is one of the good ones.  Crazy what a long process this is.


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