Eating Well and Eating a LOT

Fifteen days of fantastic meals.  Fifteen days of foods that I don't feel guilty about eating at all.  Fifteen days of nutrients and vegetables in an array of colors and soups with textures and meats with new seasonings.  And fifteen days of a full stomach.

Many say that when you follow a paleo diet, you begin to lose weight.  It certainly hasn't happened to me.  I certainly wouldn't mind losing weight and I wouldn't be suprised if it started happening in future weeks now that my body is better adjusted to the changes, but I have this sneaking suspician that portion control still plays a role in things.

The problem is that my family eats so dang much as well that if I don't eat, they will eat my portions!!!  It's tasty and the product of a lot of time and effort and I'm not willing to hand over my fair share so easily.  This wouldn't be a big deal if I could just grate some cheese, pop it on a quesadilla and heat it up, but I can't.  It also wouldn't be a big deal if I could hide my portion in the fridge, but our fridge is so beautifully cleaned out now, it means there is no place to hide it.  

What is the craziest thing is just how much food we are packing away (in our bodies).  Honestly I don't really understand how the two adults and two small children manage to eat meal after meal with only minimal leftovers.  We go through entire heads of cauliflower, butternut squashes, bags of two pounds of carrots at ONE meal.  (not all those together, but even then I wouldn't be surprised)

My belly is full and I'm becoming more aware of an uncomforableness about it being so full.  I wouldn't be too surprised if my portions started getting smaller without much conscious effort on my part.  I sure hope it happens like that.

And while we are eating what seems like a lot, none of us have had any yearnings or desires for any of our old junk food.  It's pretty wild.  Even at a birthday party, my kids didn't seem to care about the cake that was served.  They'd had a choice and opted for some homemade treats.  It surprised me and I'm appreciating it while it lasts.

And exercise?  Not happening.  I've been struggling with a cough and trying to get sleep and not willing to wake up early to go to the gym.  My knee has been much better since starting the new diet, but the actual injury is still there.  Excuses?  Lack of focus!  It's been hard to focus on exercise while putting so much focus on preparing and cooking new foods.  Hopefully that will start to change in the upcoming week.  I could use the good feelings that exercise brings.


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