Eco Issues: A very close threat

The state of our planet is far from admirable and we basically have only ourselves to blame. The impact of the human race on the deterioration of Earth’s health drastically surpasses any other source. We have managed to deteriorate every aspect of our planetary eco-system. Things are starting to change though, and communities around the world are showing active initiative. This has also enabled a rise in governmental actions to deal with ecological issues.


Environmental issues in the work place

Depending on your vocation, you may very well be a victim of exposure to various environmentally unfriendly materials. For example construction workers are very often exposed to hazardous materials without the right safety equipment. These materials have a negative influence on health and on top of it all, they remain in our vicinity in smaller doses spreading and contaminating an area over long periods of time. The same thing happens during pest control efforts any community might have. The things get even more serious when we look at the way pesticides affect our food when used while growing crops. They can even infect the cattle and end up in the meat we consume, if the cattle get fed with infected crops. As with construction workers, pest control employees usually do not have the proper equipment to manage those kinds of materials.

There has been a positive change in the laws that deal with the construction site worker’s safety. More severe punishments have been deemed necessary for construction companies and workers who do not abide by their obligations.  The disregard of worker safety and public safety has also, to some effect, addressed the environmental problems during construction so we need to see this in all branches of industry.

The Urban environmental issues

Urban areas are getting more cluttered and crowded. This means high-traffic, fewer green elements, fumes and all kinds of waste that has a very direct negative influence on both our health and the environment. Again we see an active contribution of the pest control industry. The fact that there are commercial venues with the capacity to receive hundreds of thousands of people shows that exposure in urban areas can be on a much larger scale. That’s why any possible element needs to be taken care of – to ensure a better quality of life for all the inhabitants. Some things come from people and that effort is very much needed. On the other hand, there are some things that only the people properly trained and equipped professionals should do. There are companies who deal with pests in more natural way (using natural organic pesticides, eco-friendly solutions etc.). Along with their services, they provide advice and support in the prevention of pollution, pest infestation and so on.


Environmental issues in the food industry

The use of pesticides on a large scale damages both the soil and the atmosphere. This is a very high degree of damage. For example, the soil can become barren or retain a portion of the chemicals and thus transfer them into the crops grown on it. These chemicals have been known to cause a long list of diseases – too long to list here, but I will mention a few. Research has shown a very common relation between exposure to pesticide and leukemia. Pesticide exposure is also known to cause birth defects or even fatalities.

There are alternative natural pest control methods that don’t involve the use of aggressive chemicals. We should really focus on developing more appropriate methods for handling this, since according to the  Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, the chemicals used in pesticides contain 9 out of 10 most hazardous and lingering chemicals. This is just the pesticides. This is not the only pollution based influence on our food environmentally unfriendly elements have.


There are probably a lot of people out there that see ecological issues as something that is a problem that will hit us somewhere in the future. The fact is, I assure you, the effects of pollution and disregard for our planet are becoming a very real threat to our collective health. Also, thorough pollution, we are slowly destroying the few resources we have left. People need to wake up and start doing what they can.