Economic Recession

Let's talk "Recession", lately I've been hearing more and more talk about recession, the big "R". Most economic reports lately have been in one way or another, hinting that we could be facing a recession in the near future. Some financial experts have even stated that we are already in a recession. How did we get to this point.? Well, I think we can place some of the blame on some unpopular events that have taken place within the last four years namely: the Iraq war, and the Sub-prime mortgage crisis. Whatever you think the cause may be, the fact is that this country is currently facing some of the toughest financial challenges we've seen for some time now. Just about everyone I've spoken with lately have shared their concerns about what's happening with the economy, and about the fears of an impending recession. I think this is a wake up call for us to pay more attention to our personal financial health. With job cuts at an all time high, and the escalating price of oil, it's time for us to look at where are dollars are being spent, and how can we save more and spend less. A personal budget with careful planning is in order, we have got to start with our personal finances, each individual taking a closer look at this very critcal part of our lives, and try to fine-tune this area, after all we are the ones who are ultimately responsible for our financial well-being, and not some politician in Washington, what do YOU think about all this talk about Recession????


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