Economically Underwhelming....

I used to say that I was "unaffiliated" with any political party. Now I think I'd like to change my affiliation to "the sane party of America." Seriously, what is going in our country when it comes to politics lately? It seems more like a game of football than the running of a country. 


I'm just waiting for the announcement that "The White House" reality show is on it's way to a television with Bravo near me. Boeher said this, and Obama did that.... ugh. What's the point in all the pointed banter?? Isn't the whole jig with government supposed to include them actually doing something? Instead they want to go ten rounds, like a drawn out boxing match, wherein even the audience has tired of watching. 


I'm getting political fatigue, and it's surprising because I have really laid off the politco stuff since the election. Things are just too heated for my taste in this country. Why are we all so cotton-picking mad at one another these days? Is it the temperatures (from either global warming or God, depending on your belief?) Could it be the economic climate (that is either Bush or Obama's fault, depending on your news station)?? 


Which brings us to the issue at hand: the freaking economy. 


I would ask how in the world a country got itself into this mess after having a free and clear marker after the Clinton days, but I already know. It doesn't take a genuis to put together those pieces. We import more than we export (bad economic sign), we haven't any industry (only service jobs.... another bad sign), and then there's all those wars that have taken money from virtually every pocket in the United States while asking the ultimate sacrifice from so many our citizens. 


There is no wondering how we got here; but the fact that no one seems to want to fix it, well, that is really the shame in it all. As we all know from the recent economic fall out, sometimes shit happens, but you can't just leave shit on your carpet, can you? You must clean it up or it really starts to stink. We're in the stink. But all this bickering just makes the whole situation one that I want to tune out rather than tune into. 


This government is jading me. And if anyone was this bad at their jobs in the "real" world that the rest of us live in (House and Senate, I'm talking to you), we would be fired. Especially in THIS economy. 


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