Economy Options for Moms

My lucky number is “8”.  The Chinese consider eight to be a lucky number because it sounds like the word meaning “prosperity”. And luck, combined with a massive fiscal stimulus, may just yet help the Chinese government to achieve its growth target of 8% in 2009. Earlier this year, most economists thought such growth was impossible at a time of deep global recession, but some are now nudging up their forecasts*.

"One of President Obama's top advisers is offering some cautious words of optimism about the U.S. economy. Larry Summers says the period of "free fall" will end soon. But he warns that even after the worst of the downturn is over, job losses are likely to continue."**   In IndiaFinance Minister Yashwant Sinha stated recently “the economy was on road to recovery...there are signs of recovery in the Indian economy. There are signs of recovery in the global economy. The Budget has made various provisions for spurring demand. We look forward to better days," Sinha said after the post-Budget meeting with Reserve Bank of India board members in New Delhi.”***

That being the case, here is what I propose to all you who would like to work from home and long for flexible hours- DIRECT SELLING.  Think Pampered Chef, Mary Kay or Creative Memories scrap-booking.  Do you know that 90% of direct selling is done by women like yourself and that it is a $30.8 billion dollar market?  In this economy, it is the perfect way for women, moms in particular, to earn an income - especially for single moms or for those whose husbands have been laid off.  Think about your transferable skills, in perhaps sales and marketing, and know that it can equate with earning a significant amount as a home-based entrepreneur.


It's no wonder that "Recruits and revenues for direct sellers tend to rise when other measures of the economy stagnate or drop", said Amy Robinson of the Direct Selling Association.


Explore your options, all of them. Continue to seek advice from Julie Cohen and Julie Potischman and search the Job Board. Also, join some Butterfly groups like Work at Home Moms (WAHM) even if you're not one. This will enable you to obtain guidance from women who have already found solutions.  If you are looking to attract moms like yourself, I encourage you to create a group within Butterfly.  There's the newly created DC Moms group, S. FL Moms group, Grandmoms group and even a Dog Lovin' Moms group.  


The events section further provides you the opportunity to network and connect offline.  Check out the Take Steps Team Challenge for Crohns and Colitis or Swimstrong’s summer event that benefits Aids-Free Africa or attend the iRelaunch career series workshops throughout the month of May.  If there's a mom's event going on in your area feel free to post it so that others moms around the country, and globe, may attend.  The tools are there as are the solutions. Use them.  Can't find them or don't know how- ask me at