''Educate Yourself: Watch Documentaries!!!''

Yesterday, whilst working on new jewellery pieces, I sat on my sofa watching two documentaries (I don't think I really need to point out that I wasn't watching them simultaniously, I am good at multi-tasking but that would be a stretch even for me!). I re-watched 'Super Size Me', the Morgan Spurlock created, Academy Award nominated anti McDonalds (and in reality, all of it's fellow super sized fast food chain ''colleagues'') documentary following Spurlock as he spends 30 days living on purely McDonalds meals! Eek! Following that, I watched 'The Yes Men', from the activist duo with a sense of humour who swapped round the voices of Barbie dolls and G.I Joe's leaving the soldiers spouting ''let's go shopping'' and Barbie exclaiming ''vengeance is mine''. Brilliant!

Watching those two documentaries inspired me to write a post about the documentaries that have most stood out to me over the years. I must say that I am a real lover of them. Back in a previous life I used to work for a fantastic London based independent cinemas, Curzon Cinemas with which I used to be part of the fantastic 'London International Documentary Film Festival'. Through the festival and the cinemas themselves, which screen a number of inspiring international documentaries, I got to see a selection of well publicised and not-so-well publicised documentaries and I feel very appreciative of that. I miss the access I once had to them and now often have to rely of Youtube and the likes to feed my documentary watching urges.

So, that all said, here is a list of my favourite documentaries to date. If there are any you have loved and want to recommend PLEASE do let me know in the comments section of my blog and I'll have a look out for them!

'Spellbound' - Jeffery Blitz (for those who have watched and loved this gem of a documentary, here's an interesting article on the young black girl from the film.) Trailer
'Grizzly Man' - Werner Herzog. Trailer
'Murderball' - Henry Alex Rubin & Dana Adam Shapiro. Trailer
'Metallica: Some kind of Monster' - Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky (you really don't need to be a Metallica fan to watch this one, I am not myself, it is simply a fascinating insight in to grown men with large ego's falling apart.) Trailer
'Aileen Wuornos: Life and Death of a Serial Killer' - Nick Broomfield. (sadly can't find a trailer for this one)
'Roger and Me' - Michael Moore. Trailer
'Capturing the Friedmans' - Andrew Jarecki. Trailer. A truly amazing, accidental study on a family gone haywire and a world full of lies!

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