Education is the reason for the new me!


I have just completed my first quarter of my undergraduate degree in Law and Society at The Women’s College at the University of Denver or better known as DU. I have to say attending a women’s college is the best choice I could have made for myself. First of all I am no longer what is considered a traditional student but will be 41 years young this month. One thing TWC did for me was open my eyes to the struggle of women to be everything to everyone all the time. I learned we do not even negotiate our pay and as we all know woman are already paid far less than men. Claiming my education at 40 has also made me want to be more proactive in my ability to obtain what I want and what I deserve in life. I will no longer blame anyone but myself for the situations I am in if I was able to make a decision that would have changed it. Of course I cannot blame myself for freak events but will definitely become accountable to myself.

This all leads up to my job situation. I do not see my current position going anywhere and will find out tomorrow whether I am right or wrong. I am making every effort to improve my circumstances educationally, financially and professionally and have no intention of staying where I am not able to contribute more than what I am currently contributing. I have an idea of what I want to do professionally and what I am doing now is not it. I cannot wait to get a new start with my new outlook and as I stated in a previous post that the fact it has occurred within the first few days of 2010 are just a coincidence. I have reaped the benefits of education by having my epiphany early in my academic career that change begins with me and seeing all of the incredible woman I am attending classes with and hearing their life stories I am not the only woman feeling discontent in her life and who is looking for the moment of empowerment to fall upon us. Fall upon me it did.


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