Eeeep! A catch up post especially for BlogHer.

I HAVE been blogging daily.  Cross my heart I have!  But I haven't been cross-posting for a little bit, so here's a boring post to link to all the posts I've posted but not cross-posted.  What an awesome sentence!  I promise my posts are better than that.  This.  Did I mention I have a cold?


20th November:  Found:  A book tour.

21st November:  BlogHer and NaBloPoMo:  Are we there yet?

22nd November:  Pause for thought.

23rd November:  Wordless Wednesday:  Since Saturday.

24th November:  Adoption Reading Challenge 2011: We Belong Together, by Todd Parr.


I have been struggling for motivation, and questioning why I'm doing this.  It's not that I'm finding it hard to write neccessarily, but I have other things that I want and need to be getting on with.  But with less than a week to go I may as well stick at it.


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