The Effect Some Good Old Music Can Have On Your Mood

I admit I am partial to the 60′s, 70′s and the 80′s as my favorite decades and my memories tend to be wrapped around the songs I constantly heard.

Today, thanks to the internet, I no longer have to shuffle around my collection of 500+ audio cassettes to make a playlist (yes, I still have them). So I’ve got compilation tapes…and it is all good for when I play my bedside radio (yes, I still have one of those with a cassette player!)…still – the joy of digital music is something else! While my taste in music is eclectic, I am partial to the 80′s rock and pop.

I can’t live without music. It literally drives my day and my mood. I have a song for every emotion I go through. Sad songs, happy songs, fun songs. Do you feel that too? I associate everyone I know with some song or other. And it serves as a mnemonic to remember them.

My time-management is more or less around song-lengths. Since I have the privilege of working from home, I enjoy listening to music as I work. And oh yes, I have playlists for different types of assignments. Sometimes I enjoy singing along. When I feel super-energetic, I turn up those speakers and cheerfully tackle house maintenance.

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