Effective Time Out Tips

So the kids have done it again! And you have to place them in time out but do you know how to do an effective time out so that way the children are ACTUALLY learning? Well you will after you read these tips!

1. Always explain why they are in time out. When you catch them disobeying, tell them as you walk them to time out, "Ok. That's enough, you are going to time out because you are not listening to mommy. So you need to take time to think about how you can start listening to mommy." 

2. Don't put them in time out too long. A good indicator is putting them in time out for as long as their age. If they are 2, then 2 minutes is good. If they are 10, 10 minutes is just fine. Depending on the offense.

3. Stay with them. If they are too young and run out of their time out zone, then sit with them. They will eventually learn that the time out chair/space, etc. is where they need to stay when you put them in time out.

4. When time is finished, ask them "do you know why you're in time out?" You want your child to understand the purpose so be sure to ask them if they know even know what they are in trouble for. What's the point of time out if your child has no idea what it's for?

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Alexandrea J. Wilson is a blogger, speaker, youtube personality, radio show host and the Director of the non-profit organization, The Mt. Ephraim Center.


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