Egg Shell Artwork and Sensory Activity

This past week we talked about the letter E.

E for Elf.

I slacked off a bit on some of our school time so we could have a much needed play date with out BFsF. My girls had been missing their friends after not seeing them for a while because of school and holiday stuff and we were all so happy to spend some QT with them.

Another morning we went to open gym at their gymnastics place.

And we did some other, um, stuff.

We did do some school stuff this week, but E ended up getting neglected a little bit.

That's the great thing about homeschooling. You can do it on Saturday if you want to "play hooky" to do something else during the other days of the week. We don't do formal school stuff every day at this point anyway, other than our calendar. Mostly we play and we read and I try to mention our letter of the week as much as I can. But I wanted to do a few more E-focused activities.

So today we did. Dot to dot elf and elephant (Miss is really into dot to dot pictures now). Brainstorming for E words on our category worksheet. And my favorite, playing with egg shells I've washed out and saved this week.

The girls love cracking the egg shells when they cook with me, so I figured they would have fun with them and have an interesting sensory experience. I put the shells (about 10 eggs' worth) on the table along with some markers and they went to town.

They examined the eggs and asked questions about the thin membrane inside them.

They colored on the shells.

And as expected they quickly moved into crushing the shells and playing with the pieces.

Miss commented that she thought the pieces felt and sounded like glass when they clinked against each other.

She really got into it and pulverized her shells.

Lass liked breaking her shells up and then watching them drop from her hands over and over.

Egg shells were a big hit. I will be washing them and saving them from now on.





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