Ego x Being

The ego and the  being drew up a battle of fullness and pain. The ego played the past neurosis and uncertainties of the future role. The being responds saying that the awareness of now, is the way to happiness.

The ego knocked on the door. The being answered. - Who are you? - I am the right, the pride, the mind conditioning, the peace kidnapping and the character manipulator. - Can I come in?  Allow the ego to come in is a matter of consciousness. The consciousness, that  the mind kidnapping its over. That is the time to say goodbye to the soul conditioning, and welcome freedom.

Let the mind, free from the ego ignorance. Transcend the ego is finding the truth, the   being truth.  To find the truth mind has to stop to generates pain, created by the automatic pain booming thoughts. These thoughts  make the being feel angry, stress,  anxiety and sadness.  This is what we popularized like a sick mind.

The ego generates all these internal dieses.  Even so, the being reacts, throwing red flags into the soul. Suddenly, a silent lucidity takes place. That precious moment will open the door for the being light up the mind  night. The light illuminates those thoughts and take then for a walk in the state of  contemplation. It shows every little life detail that the ego didn’t allow the mind to see.

The being allows the mind to see the now. When we focus into every detail of the day, the routine disappears. We celebrate the passion of feeling alive, like the sun knocking on the window in the morning, coffee smell, dew in the fields, the beauty of people diversity and the glory of breath. Into that state, the loneliness becomes the best friend.

The ego feel into a deep  sleep, and now is timing so let it have sweet dreams.  Meanwhile,  the being allow the heart to spread love for everywhere inside the body, mind and soul. Putting the ego into an  eternal sleep, because only love can set us free.


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