eHarmony for Pets: ASPCA's "Meet Your Match"

Spring is here and we've got puppies on our mind. The Obama's first dog Bo is set to arrive tomorrow and it seems like the whole country is thinking about adopting a dog.

If six-month-old Bo could talk, I'm sure he'd tell you to give one of his furry relatives a forever home. Since he is a such a smart pup, he'd also tell you to do your homework before you go to a dog shelter.Final meet your match aspca 

Thanks to the wonderful folks at the ASPCA, now you have the wonderful online tool Meet Your Match that will help match you (and your family) with the perfect dog (or cat). Wouldn't it be great to know more about your new dog's personality before you adopt her? According to the ASPCA:

The Meet Your Match Canine-ality/Puppy-ality assessment begins with an initial MYM SAFER™ (Safety Assessment for Evaluating Rehoming) behavior screening to make sure each pooch is a good candidate for adoption. Dogs are then tested on their friendliness, playfulness, energy level, motivation and drive, and placed into one of nine color-coded Canine- or Puppy-alities. Some pooches are laid-back “Couch Potatoes,” others are curious “Busy Bees,” and then there are the action hero “Go-Getter” types. 

To find out more about picking the perfect pet for you, finish the read at Momathon Blog.



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