Eight BlogHers Review the new Discover Card Spend Analyzer!

Discover recently invited eight bloggers to try out their new Spend Analyzer! They were excited to find such a powerful tool that was so fast and easy to use. Whether looking at a snapshot of their purchases divided into various categories, or comparing month-over-month spending, each of the bloggers found this tool invaluable in making smart spending choices.

Learn more below, and check out each of the BlogHer reviews!

Want Not found that the Spend Analyzer is "a simple and pain-free way to put actual numbers on spending habits and savings. At the click of a mouse, you can compare your spending, month to month."

Life with the Boys likes "how the bar graph shows your pattern of spending over the year--no surprise our bars are at the highest during the summer and around Christmas time--and how I can view my spending history with just a click of a button."

LL's Life likes that, "the Spend Analyzer gives you a pie chart, which you can see for different time periods such as the last month or year to date or the last twelve months, and it automatically categorizes your spending for you!"

SAHM Ramblings shares that, "for someone who uses Discover as religiously as we do, this tool is a dead-on indicator of our spending habits... simply put - there is no hiding from the truth with the Spend Analyzer.

Knitting Zeal discovered a new advantage of using just one credit card has the advantage of tracking her spending in detail. The Spend Analyzer will help her develop and stick to a better budget.

It's a Jan's Life's first and overall reaction was, "What a neat tool!" The Spend Analyzer saves her from doing all the math and putting everything into categories.

Heavenly Homemaker loves "that all the information we need is one simple click away...instead of having to wait for a monthly statement to come in the mail. It looks like Discover just made keeping up with our business transactions even easier. "

The Casual Perfectonist loves that the Spend Analyzer was helpful, fast, and easy to use. She could "look at our spending habits for the month or a broader date-range. The Spend Analyzer takes all the mystery out of the budget."

At Last-A Clue to Where All That Money Is Going!
Where does all the money go? A pertinent question any time, but especially important in this economy, when we're all looking for ways to save. All those minor expenses really add up, and we've all had the experience of looking at our credit card bill at the end of the month, wondering what we actually purchased. And though you'd think a credit card company would be the last to lay that information out before you, that's exactly what Discover Card is doing with their Spend Analyzer. It helps you know just where your money is going by letting you get a snapshot of your categorized purchases, all divided into different spending categories, like clothes, gas or entertainment. Try the Spend Analyzer demo!

See Categorized Purchases
You'll get a snapshot of your purchases divided into different categories that you can drill-down on for more detail.

Compare Monthly Spending
You can quickly compare month-over-month spending with a quick glance of the Spending History chart.

View Transaction Details
The transactions for the specific time periods or categories you select are displayed for easy reference.