Eight Minute Abs

I haven't been exercising, but two days ago I dragged myself down to the floor (it was hard) and did 8 minute abs.  I rather enjoyed it.  My kids sat on top of me.  I felt better after.  I thought, "tomorrow I'll do it again".  But I didn't.  I did however do them again today and wow was I sore at the start.  I had to stop throughout and take little breaths (there's no working through the pain for me), but I did it and I felt better.

I really honestly truly planned to do Tai Bo or something else once I finally did the 8 minute abs, but there's someone coming over to our house and I desperately needed a shower.  Desperately.

I did tell myself that it's okay for me to get sweaty and do more exercise later because it only means a second shower, but seeing as how time is passing and how I need to prep for stupid healthy eating dinner and my class, I don't really see it happening.

My knee still hurts - not debilitating like last month, but little inflammations and it's the craziest thing.  The original pain and inflammation was behind me knee.  Then I started eating well and the behind the knee felt fine, but the front was sore.  Some days it's the lateral side.  Some days it's the medial side.  Today it's the top of my kneecap that feels puffy.

At least I no longer feel guilty that my knee or my asthma is my fault.  Perhaps I'm still eating foods that aggravate it, but I'm also eating foods that a normal body would appreciate and by gosh - my body needs to step up to the plate and stop its sniveling and appreciate what's coming in to it.

That being said - it's the time of the month and I am amazingly crabby and self-pitying and bleh with energy.  I'm now drinking coffee so it's just possible I might be singing a different tune in thirty minutes, but I do hate to admit just how much some hormonal junk can affect one's mood.  Wouldn't keep me from doing a good job or flying a plane however!  I'm not at the mercy of my mood, but given some at home time and nobody around me, I'm having a blasted wonderful time being crabby.

Reading back over what I've written I can also see that I am no longer making ME the top priority.  I'm resentful of my husband and how we make time for him to exercise.  I'm resentful that the only time we allot for me is at six am which just isn't working these days.  I'm resentful.  I'm crabby.  I'm glad I did the 8 minute abs.  I'm now going to start some prep work for dinner and maybe, just maybe I'll try to figure out something I can do for me later in the day (exercise wise).


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