Eight Minutes of Abs

Years ago, working at a small school, a friend popped a DVD in her computer after work and shared about this great thing she'd discovered called "Eight Minute Abs".  I don't think I joined in, but I listened as she explained that it's just nine different moves for 45 seconds each.  There are these nice little circles on the side of the screen that fill in green as you accomplish each move.  It's pretty smart stuff because it is long enough to be effective, but not too long to give up.  There's a timer which lets you see how little time is left and those goofy little green circles feel so good to get because they show your accomplishment.  It's just plain good motivational feedback.

I bought the DVD at some point way back when and used it until I scratched it too much.  Last year I went online and watched it off youtube.  It was part of my daily routine.  It was the very first thing I did before doing anything else and I remember being aware of how much I improved and how quickly I improved.  It also made participation in other videos or classes manageable because my abs were not as weak as they normally would have been.

Yesterday I decided to start it back up again.

I spent most of yesterday wanting to exercise and not exercising.  It permeated everything.  I suppose this is better than me ignoring it all together, but it sure is nice when I just get it over and done with and can move on.

I didn't exercise until almost 4:30.  All I did was Jillian's Shred level one and I didn't even do a stellar job of that, but somewhere during that nice 20 minute workout that definitely gets me stronger, I decided to start doing 8 minute abs again.  I did them right after and they were hard!  My neck hurt!

Why did my neck hurt?  Because of course I was trying to lift up my body with my neck since there are probably more muscles there than in my abs.  I had a slight crick in my neck in the middle of the night that might be from that too.

However, it all felt good and today after coffee, I did Eight Minute Abs and then Jillian Level One with my kids climbing on top of me and under me and bringing me spatulas and other important accoutrements they felt I might need.  My knee hurt and I used super light weights and I was not amazing and vibrant and full of enthusiasm, but I could feel my work from yesterday in my muscles and I could see the changes that will occur if I stick with it.

It was a routine that worked well for me last year and until I'm back at the gym, it's what I'll try to do here at home.  

Last night we all slept fairly well.  I still have some little coughing here and there that gets in the way of sleep, but it's not terrible and it's not asthmatic.  This virus, which is now on day 11 is one of the first ones where I have not used my own albuterol inhaler.  I think a lot has been helped with honey tea which I have been drinking quite liberally, but also I have a sneaking suspicion it might be my consistent efforts to take Vitamin D in the morning and the evening.  I hope that's it.  If all I really have to do is that in order to have a more normal response to viruses, then I'll do it.  

I'm not flossing daily, however, and I was pretty sure I was gonna stick with that one too so we'll see what happens.  So funny how knowledge and action don't always line up.

Little boy still feels crummy, but he's doing a zillion times better.  It will be nice, however, to get outside one of these days if the cold warms up and the wind dies down.  Ohh - to have a nice gentle snowy day would be wonderful (And not when I'm working).


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