Eight-year-old Botox? What Is Going On Here?

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I don't "get" pageants for little kids, so the news that a mother was giving her eight-year-old Botox treatments straight up befuddled me. Lori Pace of A Day in Motherhood was able to put some words together about the story, however, and she didn't mince 'em either. It's a riled up, you-did-WHAT-NOW?! kind of post that matches a lot of sentiment floating around the web tonight.

Botox Baby: The 8-year-old Botox Story:

Botox InjectionFirst there was the toddler thong.

And then make up for kids.

And now THIS?

I don’t give a flying flip if the little girl asked her Mom to help her with her “worry lines” – seriously? – I don’t care that her Mother is a registered anesthetician and has administered it to herself, and I really don’t give a hairs butt care that they think it gives the little girl confidence in pageants. I DON’T CARE

SHE IS 8!!!

Read the rest of Lori's outraged post.

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