Eldery Woman In Wheelchair Caught Stealing Garden Elf

In the Irish Independent News: Wheelchair-bound pensioner caught on camera stealing elf from garden centre

On Dec. 14, 2011 an elderly woman in a wheelchair stole two robotic garden gnomes from a Christmas display at a garden store in Wallington. It appears to have been a family affair as 2 other generations of family joined her. It's reassuring to know that everywhere, people are just people and the trashier people continue to amuse me. What's she going to do with it? Trash talk and gossip are favorite passtimes in Ireland. Did she think her neighbors would congratulate her on her new festive yard ornament without noticing it's the same bugger missing from downtown? I can't think someone oblivious enough to do such a thing in the first place is savvy enough to have intended to sell the thing on Ebay. Perhaps it was an initiation prank for some gang of wizened kleptomaniacs.

Irish gardeners are now free to celebrate the season in peace.

Frankly, these things creep me out and a pair of mechanical ones lurching about and thrusting stubby arms at me as I shop are not welcome. Perhaps the old bird was doing a publiv service for removing it before it scarred any more children. The owner of the store has named the things "Chippy" and "Rusty" and stated that they are "companion elves." Only a picture of Chippy could be produced for the paper - there are no known photos of Rusty. Is Rusty in the Witness Protection Program? I find it more likely he is wanted for some minor but unseemly and disgusting misdemeanor.



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