So, the race is over and the Presidential office has been occupied again by President Obama.  I have sat in silence as facebook friends have complained, threatened, and been rude over their choice for president.  I voted Obama but never once talked bad to anyone that was for Romney.  It's our right and choice who we vote for.  I would love to see people give it a rest now and let our president try and get our country back to what it should be.  Instead of bashing others or complaining about another party, let's pull together and be one strong country, intent on repairing our economy, it's time to lick our wounds and come together as a nation!!  I think that Romeny was a stand up kind of guy.  He seemed to be a decent man.  I respected his firm spiritual beliefs.  I respected him as a family guy.  I just did not think that he was the right man for the presidential office.  I had to vote in a way that I felt would help me, my family, and the nation as a whole.  I am a bit embarrassed for Texas, I mean seriously....... they want to remove themselves from the Union???? Come on!!!  I believe they need to take a nerve pill, calm down and hold those who put us in the shape we are in accountable.....If not then let them form their on little world!!  

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