The elephant in the room...

I am a woman. I am a Black-American. I am a minority.Having these things in common does not equal a vote for president in my house.

Before you pass judgement on whether or not I am an Obama supporter or a "sell-out", just consider the points below.

1. I am not a business owner. My husband and I are upper middle class. We don't struggle to make ends meet and both of us are from what would be considered impoverished backgrounds. I don't believe in paying other peoples bills as no one is going to pay mine.

2. I believe that life begins with conception and that is when a soul joins with the beginnings of a human body.

3. I believe that there are time when fear proves to be a stronger deterent than kindness or diplomacy.

At this point in my life, essentially, I am a Republican. Now ask me me who am I voting for and why. I am an Obama/Biden supporter mostly because of the same reasons I am a republican.

1. I don't believe in paying anyone elses bills, so Senators, Congressmen, CEOs and the like should NEVER use taxpayer money to cover their insurance when the shuttle bus driver to our hospital is deciding between his medications and gas to drive to work. (There is not adequate busing in NEPA to assume public transit would work.)

2. Life begins at conception, but the United States of America is allegedly built on values that "include" religious freedom. How dare anyone choose to impose his or her beliefs on someone else. Also, in the same vein as #1, I have worked with children that no one wanted. Existence is NOT the same as life. The pain and suffering that a child may endure for your values may cost not only the child, but society. Taxpayer foot the bill for these children who end up in fostercare, juvenile detention and sadly, quite often jail.

3. Fear is so often a great deterent so yes, it is important to carry a big stick. But are we only bullies? Is that our legacy? Fear should be a last resort. Casualties of war should be a last reesort. Risking our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, or mothers should be a last resort. We are not the stop gap for all the world's problems. That said, we are a part of the human race and there are times when having the bigger stick could help save thousands of lives. Shouldn't we even consider that?

Lika I said in the beginning, genetic similarities didn't buy my vote. Reason did. I am a woman. No one should have the right to force me or anyone to endure growing a child in my bodthat I may hate and in turn damage based of there far away morals. That is between me and whatever God I do or do not believe in. I am a Black-American. My experience in the world is different that some people's solely because of that fact. Judgement are passed that have nothing to do with my intellect or character, but my skin color and hairstyle. I know that skin color may make President Obama and I no more similar than Mitt and I. I am a minority...or am I? I am like so many other middle class American who are surviving just fine, but accept that everyone isn't. I don't believe the only the already fortunate are deserving. Sometimes it is truly so simple. The opportunity to succedd has not been presented.


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