The Elephant in the Room

(or the Donkey – whichever one floats your boat)

Tomorrow is Election Day. Whew! We finally made it to this monumental point, hopefully with our sanity intact. Many of us have early voted. As a former Elections Manager I’m happy to see that citizens around the country early voted in record numbers, with what looks to be record numbers voting tomrrow.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, I’m really hoping that all the promises regarding bipartisanship will move from rhetoric to action. Yes, our country faces many issues, yet moving forward is a must, regardless of whether we personally favor a “Blue” or “Red” philosophy for achieving our desired end-state goals. The gridlock in Washington, demonstrated by the unwillingness of members of both parties to work cooperatively, is the real elephant/donkey in the room. This gridlock has to stop – but will it? If not, then sadly, regardless of who wins the election, the American people will be the real losers.

Join in the Fray: Do you think genuine bipartisanship is attainable given America’s current political climate?



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