The Elephant in the Sanctuary

Before I start, I really want to note I have many devout Christians I count among my closest friends, some of whom inspire me spiritually every single day. I have one friend who is almost a minister (all but ordination, and that's coming this month!) in a large standard protestant denomination, and several other friends who very seriously considered seminary or priesthood.

But I can't hold this in anymore. This whole "wah Dan Savage is picking on the Christians" thing is really starting to sound like "omgwhataboutthemenz" in feminist discussions.

When I hear about North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris urging parents to "punch" their "gay acting" (what the hell does that mean?) children, I have a really hard time feeling sorry if some Christians are offended by anything Dan Savage says.
You can read a pretty good report on this sermon at Huffington Post.
Harris claims he was joking now. Indeed. As if that's something to joke about? 

So get back to me when people like this heinous beast are stopped and then we'll talk about the "feelings" of the most "oppressed" majority in North America. And before someone says "but omg isn't this like saying all Muslims are like Bin Laden?" No. No it isn't. This kind of talk? This "preaching"? This is a normal regular every day occurence in churches across the land every bloody Sunday. Not in all churches. Of course not. But in far too many. In fact it's a cornerstone of more than a few churches which if they put "black" everywhere they say homosexuals and trans would be up on federal hate crime charges. And don't kid yourselves. Those kind of churches preaching against miscegenation still exist also, but not in near the numbers they did prior to the hard work to achieve civil rights legislation. 

And that brings me to the elephant in the sanctuary. I'm starting to get this uncomfortable feeling lately that the people going on about the "war on Christianity", a war which has been waged most effectively not by godless heathens, but by the conversion to the Civic Religion of Fundementalist Republicanism, are not upset about a loss of "equality" but a loss of privilege. They are no longer the catered to and bowed down to "ruling" class, although by the strict anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage legislation in some states you might be justified to question that perception. And they're upset. They're upset their traditions, religion, and customs are no longer given "preferred" status. They're outraged people with conflicting beliefs and values have the nerve to demand legislation including and respectful to their own values when "everyone" knows those weirdos are just a godless minority. Basically they're annoyed these people have the nerve to exist and be a part of society and are messing up the so carefully cultivated hedgemony. Those people should just see the light and get right with God and not be catered to because they are messed up in the head and not good and right like The Moral Majority.

It's starting to get very uncomfortable living in the same modern society with these people who do not respect differences. And if it offends them to be called out for the drastic consequences their hateful rhetoric is inspiring, I'm not sorry. I have more important things to worry about, like kids not getting beaten for not being little football players and cheerleaders. Like people not losing jobs for not fitting into the patriarchal role model of how men and women should look or love. When we get done with that, we can deal with hurt feelings. Until then, I'm going to continue working to save lives. Yes, even godless heathen homo and trans lives.


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