Elephant Skin and my Knee

My knee has been hurting for several weeks.  It's some overuse injury so I stopped using it, but it still hurt.  I iced it.  Still hurt.  I ignored it. Then I was sick and staying home from the gym so I really ignored it, but the last few days I'm been dressed in my gym shorts doing that dang Jillian DVD and when I go to do the lunges that I can no longer do, my knee really hurts.  So I look at it.

And when I look at it, I see the backs of my thighs (my hamstrings) swinging and sagging with long dry lines.  Obviously I need more lotion, but even without lotion, there is a true elephantine look to my sagging thighs.  I did not lean in and inspect longer.

I did shave my legs yesterday in the shower.  I do this on occasion.  I like liberating the hairs and letting them grow, but sometimes there's something nice about a sleek look - a sleek lotioned look.  I lotioned well after my shower and all my attention went onto my nice looking shins.  (This was effective at drawing the attention away from my thighs)

When I did my jumping jacks in the mirror without my shirt and donned only in my sports bra (for the top half of me), I saw more elephantineness.  

BUT, today I can feel the muscles tightening up around my core and in my legs.  When I ran out to run an errand, I felt my butt and thighs contracting and stretching and feeling thinner underneath my snow pants.

I know my skin isn't the bounce back skin of yore, but I'm hoping that whatever connective tissue it's attached to will pull it in a little tighter as those muscles underneath tighten up.  Who knows what will happen.  For now I'm thankful to be feeling a tightening underneath the skin and I'll take whatever happens on the outside.

As for my knee - it's doing okay!  I dropped down to some super light weights for Jillian and focused on doing all the stuff correctly and doing those horrible lunges and you know what, I think all the stretching and muscle building (of only three days) rather helped strengthen and reset whatever was causing the inflammation/out of alignment thing that was making my knee hurt.

My knee is not healed by any means, but it feels more solid.  I have to say that it's kinda crazy how doing the exact opposite (exercising while injured) can actually get you back on track a little faster.  Still kills me that my doctor told me I'm better off with a knee injury than heart disease and shooed me out of the office with promised to ice and stretch.  He was right of course and my last knee injury never got worse.

And that's where I'm at - a semi stronger knee, sore stomach muscles and well lotioned elephantine skin.


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