Elevator Pitch

Today I will blog to you my elevator pitch. It means that I will tell you what I do and why I do it; specifically speaking: Why the heck am I on BlogHer? So here goes it:

Hi! My name is Melissa Logsdon and I love to write comedy. I began blogging just recently on BlogHer so I could not only share some of the material I have written,  but also to help get my name out to Producers, Directors, and everyone in between.  I believe that hard work and determination will get me to where I'm going; I must say I'm really enjoying the ride! Now repeat after me: Melissa Logsdon is the funniest woman ever! Melissa Logsdon is the funniest woman ever! Ok, now just the ladies NOT wearing yoga pants....

Ok, so maybe not an award-winning elevator pitch but I think I'll keep it!!!!


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