Elissa Bernstein

17 and Baking & The Kitchen Generation
Elissa Bernstein is a 19-year-old writer, photographer, and baker. Her blog 17 and Baking, launched in August of 2008, intertwines themes of family, home, and self-discovery with sunlit photography and sweet recipes. She is a co-founder of The Kitchen Generation, a site launched in February of 2011, which embraces young people learning and developing their culinary passions. Elissa, winner of the 2010 Best Weblog Written by a Teen Award, has been featured in AOL Food, Gourmet Live, Epicurious.com, and The Seattle Times, as well as various other media. When she isn't craving ripe plums or composing a shot, the native Seattleite studies creative non-fiction, publishing, and print journalism in Boston.