Ella Gobierna

Latinos represent 16% of the total population in the USA.  However I just discovered that out of the 513,200 elected officials only 5,850 are Latinos.  This means less than 2%.  Seriously? There is a scandalous disproportion of leadership positions based on our population. Not to my surprise, 1,574 of the elected Latinos happen to be women.  This means that less than 1% of our mujeres are serving in elected offices nationwide, in all levels of government.

In an attempt to ignite a conversation and find solutions to this issue, BlogHer has organized the Ella Gobierna panel.  Elected Latinas will share their journey with us.  They’ll show us the ups and downs, the whys and hows of what it means to be an elected Latina.

There has also been some activities around the Election in the bloggershpere.  Veronica Aereola focused her Summer of Feminista on the 2012 Election:  “I selected Election 2012 as this year's theme for "Summer of Feminista" because the women's vote and Latino vote will decide this election. Since I am both a woman and Latina, I thought, WOW, we hold the key to this election. What are other Latinas thinking? - It is humbling and enlightening to hear from my hermanas about what they really are thinking” – Said Veronica.  To read all the guest posts, you can go here.

Last night LATISM dedicated a Twitter Party about “Latino Political Leadership” and the outcome was that of an engaged community ready to take the lead.  

Now to close with broche de oro, we’re launching a blog carnival to help awaken the gobernadora within each one of us.  You are invited to join us by writing a manifesto on your blog on “Yo Gobierno”.  Imagine yourself as an elected leader (feel free to select the level you want: super intendent, district rep, assemblywoman, mayor, senator, congresswoman, vice president or president) and tell us what you would do during your public service.  This will be a great opportunity to show how much better the world would look like if more Latinas were elected.  But it will also serve as the beginning of a new position.  We must think of ourselves as leaders.

If you need inspiration, I have prepared the best for you.  Here is a list of the top Elected Latinas in the country.  We salute them and thank them for taking the courage to show us the way.




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