Elliot Rodger Is Not The Only Man Who Wants To Kill Women

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If you are a man and reading this, you might be thinking, “But not all men are MRAs. Not all men would hurt women.” That’s true. Not all men would. But all women have been dehumanized by a man. That’s what’s forgotten in this conversation—there’s so much defensiveness from men. Please listen to what we have to say. We’re telling you that this happens enough that every woman has a story. Not all men do this, but enough men do that the default is to be distrustful and wary around men.

Elliot Rodger was very likely mentally ill. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. But to believe he killed and harmed those women just because of those things is wrong and increases stigma about autism and mental illness. Rodger killed those women because he believed he was superior to them. He told the world so, over and over, in his manifesto. He believed in the lies the MRA movement told him. And the pain of being rejected, plus an outlet to channel that rejection into and get it validated, drove him to do this.

He will not be the only man to do this. He has not been the only man to do this.

We need to change our culture. This will not stop happening to women until we do.

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