Is an Elliptical Right For Me?

I have owned treadmills for many years and after the last malfunctioned in November, decided it was time to look at other options.

Of course an elliptical was the natural option to research.

A big concern? Whether an elliptical would add extra curves where I did not want them. I am 5'6" and have a goal weight of 120 lbs. I am top curvy and do not want muscle tone to add to my curves. Especially not in the derriere or upper thighs.

I do have a bit of experience with elliptical equipment, of sorts. A year ago, I was using the inexpensive Gazelle, which I loved, however the equipment was simply not sturdy enough for the amount of usage it endured. I used it between one and two hours everyday. This is also how I wore out, now two treadmills, one a rather expensive Nordic Track. But the thing I noticed while using the Gazelle? I was a little bulkier in the legs and thighs than when using a treadmill. I like the treadmill results more.

So I researched as to whether a "real" elliptical would add curves that walking, albeit at a pretty quick pace on a treadmill-- had not.

With research, I am and pretty sure I have found the right elliptical for me. The Schwinn Elliptical Trainer 420. I do not have the equipment yet, however hope to in the very near future.

I am interested in results others have noticed while using their ellipticals.

You might want to ask-- why do I need to stay on fitness equipment for so long? There are two reasons:

  • I am in calorie burn mode and once obtaining the desired weight hope to cut back a lot, and
  • I eat a lot of sweets, plus anything else I want. I do not believe in starving myself these days. Fasting used to be my main form of diet.

That said-- when exercising I easily lose weight. So I am not one of those that has a problem losing. I have more a problem keeping fitness equipment operational.

So why not freestyle? I am just not a freestyle person. I need a treadmill or elliptical and a good movie or music to exercise. I would easily become distracted with Hip Hop Abs or Zumba. I need the "guides" of the equipment. I wonder what this says about my personality?

Regina-- Q's Wire | WiredPages


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