Ellipticalling Like the Wind

I went to the gym this afternoon.  I did not want to go (nothing new there!) but I went and it was good.  Nobody was in the weight room when I arrived so I took out a mat and did some of the pilates stretches that I could remember.  I was basing my memory off a 20 minute dvd. My actual stretches did not take 20 minutes, but did stretch me out.

I heard from a runner that most of the injuries she's aware of are helped out by a lot of good stretching.  I find that promising and encouraging so I intend to be a better stretcher.

Afterwards, I trudged over to the elliptical.  I don't really love it.  You can't stretch out your legs and it's not like running outside.  However, it has some cool features and its easy on the joints.

I found yesterday that I could elliptical three miles in thirty minutes.  I felt pretty dang impressed with myself.  I set that as my goal again today and ended up going 3.6 miles in 30 minutes - super way impressive.  

But I do have a sneaking suspician that the miles on an elliptical aren't quite the same as running.  I figure they're about 1.5 or 2 miles off so a ten minute pace on the elliptical is about 12 minutes on the ground running - not nearly as impressive.

Eating went okay today.  I ate well for breakfast and lunch.  Popped a couple salted caramels for a snack and had a big dinner and some ice cream.  The dinner was home made veggie and caribou tacos on corn tortillas so it was on the healthy side of things, but possibly more calories than will allow me to lose weight (and oh yeah - two beers).

Right now I'm maintaining or maybe losing, but losing at a very very slow pace.  That's okay for now.  I'm more mindful of what I am eating.  I still overeat and I still want to eat when I'm annoyed - it's a nice way to tune out a bit over the dinner table, but overall I'm doing okay and exercising enough to balance things out (at least I hope so!!!).

Off to bed and hopefully to sleep soon so that the alarm in the morning isn't too miserable!


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