Elvis Is Having A Good Hair Day!

If you haven’t met Elvis before…Here he is!

Strike a Pose!



Today he is having a particularly good hair day.  You see Elvis doesn’t always have a spectacular bufont.  Sometimes, when he’s having a bad day he looks like he got roughed up by a gang of hoodlums.  You see..... Elvis is Lame…Rescued by us, kept out of the stew pot. 

Sometimes he needs help standing up.

He has his good days, he has his bad days.

But even on his bad days, he has his good days.

BECAUSE he knows that even when he's ducked up, I love him.

The summers and autumn are great because he can hang out in the pond and he can’t fall over in the water.

Ahhhhh...Stability at last!!


OOOOPS!  I spoke too soon!



Poor Elvis….well at least your hair looks good today!

Stud Muffin


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