Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very effective strategy for your small business or nonprofit organization, but most people just aren't sure where to start.

For my personal blog, I use the service Mailchimp. It helps you design email newsletters and share them on your social networks. Once you sign up for free, they have online trainings you can do to show you how to create a subscriber list, design your signup form, and create or send out an email campaign.

What sort of information should be in your email newsletter? You can include coupons, special offers or practical tips that your customer or supporter would find useful. Make sure you include pictures and everyone is busy so keep the length to a minimum.

But it doesn't do you any good to have an email newsletter if you don't have any email addresses to send it to. In addition to capturing email addresses on your website, put out a sign up sheet or book at your store and at live events.

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