The Embarrassing Secret I'm About to Share

I am in my late twenties. FACT. (Imagine Dwight Schrute yelling that at you.)

As a child I loved reading Nancy Drew novels. FACT (All hail Beet Farmers.)

As an adult... I love playing Nancy Drew PC games that are geared towards young adults... there I said it. I SAID IT. Call me immature, lame, WHATEVER. I love it.

It's my dirty secret that a few people in my life know about. I try to live a life of not being embarrassing by who I am or what I do... but that's one thing  I hesitate to share with the general population.

But, guess what? I'm not the only adult out there. When I typed the words "Nancy Drew blogs" into the Google search engine a TON of blogs came up (check out Woohoo. Safety in numbers for when the nay-sayers with pointy sticks show up.

So, why do  I love Nancy Drew and her games? Here's my TOP FOUR REASONS why:

1. She's one of the few fictional heroines whom I love. This was true for me as a child as it is as an adult. I spent a lot of my childhood with my grandma and her three sisters. This resulted in a never-ending evolution of watching tv shows that were geared towards a much older age group, reading snippets of mystery novels I would find on the same bookshelves as my Madeline books, sparking my imagination to find exciting things to do since most of the people in the house were 55+, and my shy nature of wanting to be a bookworm, reading about amazing things and mysteries while safely tucked away in an easy chair. These factors led towards my aunt, I believe my aunt Dorothy, buying me a bunch of Nancy Drew books so I could read about a adventurous redhead must like myself. I could be adventurous... as long as it didn't venture outside of the backyard.

Some of the other fictional heroines I love, and loved, are Murphy Brown, Jane Eyre, Elisabeth Shue's character from Adventures in Babysitting and Irene Adler from Sherlock Holmes. Their moral compasses may not always point due North, but I feel like they were strong, mostly good and did the best they could. Just like Nancy Drew. Her tenacity and lust for knowledge is something I understand.

2. She is an awesome Ginger kid. Why the hell do we get such a bad wrap? It's weirdos like Pippi Longstocking and Carrot Top who made everyone think we're awkward and we hate ourselves and dress ridiculous and can't function in society. Thanks a lot.


Nancy Drew is a natural redhead who is smarter, more cunning, more brave and more curious than her blonde or brunette friends. Growing up Ginger, you need all the positive role models you can get. Thank you, Nancy Drew.

3. Her Games Are Fun. There is an actual storyline that's interesting and great locations and puzzles to search and figure out. I'm a girl who is not interested in Counter Strike or Halo. I love that her games have enticing story lines with well-developed characters and plots. Yes, I also have a writing background, so I might be a little more critical than others, but I think a lot of women don't naturally gravitate toward first person shooter games. We like a little bit of a challenge so we can use our minds to figure stuff out. And the creepy mystery aspect is thrilling, too.

I think it was a Disney Imagineer who came up with this thoughtful formula: FEAR -- DEATH = FUN. Yes, we like to be afraid or suspensefully confused without any actual harm coming to us.

4. I'm A Fan of Mysteries, So This is a Natural Progression. I do all the normal adult things: pay my bills, go to work, go to bars, write, do research, worry about my 401K, buy Groupons, read news articles, look for a good dentist, etc. In my daily life, I do not find a ton of mystery. But I love it. So I love movies like Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie novels (and the modern ones) and Nancy Drew games. And, her games include fun mystery-ish stuff like dark museums at night, creepy English mansions, castles, ghosts, New Orleans Cemeteries, lost treasure, mythical creatures, criminals, deceit, you know it. It's more interactive than working a mystery, so I enjoy it more. You might, too.

Those are my top four reasons. If you grew up loving Nancy Drew and you are a fan of games... why not give her a try. Or, if you want to have a bonding agent to your daughter, granddaughter niece, stepdaughter, sister etc; this might be a great way to do that. Empowering and entertaining.

I will say this: You can find her games officially at but I highly suggest buying a few used ones from or Save yourself some money. Happy hunting.

Lady J can be found at and on Twitter @LadyJWanderlust


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