The emerging need to becoming independent

As India celebrates its 68th independence day, the significance of the word 'independent' has become more relevant than ever. From a national level to a personal level, the feeling of becoming independent has given rise to different possibilities in our everyday lives.

With the advent of globalization and the rise of start up and entrepreneurial culture, the number of independent jobs and job roles are increasing day by day. The internet and social media has only aided this emerging trend. If you are wondering about the relevance of this in music, just take a look at the millions of YouTube channels and social media profiles of various independent artists/musicians, including mine

I became a part of the Indian independent music scene in the year, 2007. That's when I officially started audio blogging and I got a major exposure through this initiative called, Blogswara on which a case study was conducted by a student in University of Alberta, Canada

Here's a link to the interview (Malayalam) of some of the Blogswara team members, aired in Manorama channel in the year, 2009. Try to spot me in the video :) 

How important is the feeling 'independent' to you? Share your thoughts either in the comments section below or via the contact form.


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