Eminem raps about domestic violence in I Love The Way You Lie and who sings vocals? Rihanna.

i heard this song today for the first time and i felt it in my core. i could feel all of the triggers surface beneath my skin and in my head and all i could do was cry. i was working driving a bus after finishing my shift for the day. i was so moved today when i heard this and i know some of you cannot appreciate a song or much less a rap about a violent relationship and how devastating they are. and then to throw Rihanna in to do the haunting vocals. all i can say is WOW. this is a rap by Eminem and it is off of his latest album/cd  Recovery, in which he raps about his addictions, his dysfunctional relationships, and road to redemption and recovery from drug use. i have teens and even if i did not i would still say that i think this is some of his best work. why? because it is raw in its honesty and thought provoking and real to a lot of people like me who have or are living that life. in one of my previous posts i talk about being in love with a meth addict, and i will continue posts like that because its not all about goddamned jean huggies in my world. i am the volcano woman that Eminem raps about. when i met my love i was dumb and naiive and i was passive, but after years of his drug use and subsequent abuse, i too became abusive and my world was devastated by choices that i made in this violent relationship. do i blame my love, do i blame my parents, or anyone else who influenced me along the way. no. i blame myself , i take responsibility for my violent behavior. does it make it right that he was violent with me? no. life happens and things build and addiction fuels and hate and anger and frustration fuel, and all you need is that one little match that blows up your whole world. no one is exempt from  making a wrong choice. one wrong choice. domestic violence is not ok and that is not what i am saying. what i am saying is it is about time someone be on the real about it a link is posted below.


i hope that you will take time to listen to this rap and really listen.....i know you will all have something to say about the way this rap ends... i will let you judge for yourself, but remember this rap is about real life that happened to real people, and it has a REAL big opportunity to bring domestic violence to the forefront of peoples minds and make them stop and think,and say something about it!


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