eMoms 2012: A BlogHer Study

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BlogHer, Inc., the premium cross-platform media network and publisher for women, presents the results of the third annual BlogHer eMoms study, providing insight on moms, kids, and technology’s impact on managing family life. 

Moms Gain Confidence Through Social Media

BlogHer moms report that parenting advice and information from blogs helps them build confidence about their parenting skills, even more than any other form of social media (81%) including Facebook (60%) and Twitter (41%). Blogs are also the most confidence-boosting form of social media for moms in the general population. The survey revealed further that information gleaned from blogs helps moms make decisions for their families. More than half of the moms in the general population have purchased a food product (56%), watched a TV show (54%) or read a book (63%) based on advice they got from a parenting blog.

For more information about Moms and technology in 2012, you can read or download the entire study above.