Emotion Overload

Last night was a emotional roller coaster for me. Normally I am a nice well balanced machine and I do just fine in maintaining all of my emotions. Last night I was watching TV and The Voice came on. Miranda Lambert (my girl crush) sang Over You with her husband Blake Shelton. It was a tribute for Oklahoma. I lost it. I just broke down crying.

I guess with everything going on lately I just lost it. I feel like this world is just going nuts. I know we can not control a natural disaster but every time we turn around something happens. Everyone is fighting, trying to kill each other, hurting each other.  It is getting out of control and making everyone scared to do anything. We shouldn't be afraid to live. 

Basically...the world needs a drink and we all need to get along. We all need to stop the violence and be happy. We need to be thankful for what we have and stop hurting one another, in small ways as well.  Stop gossiping, stop being negative, just be nice. It starts with the little things and has to work its way up.

I had my good cry last night..I let it out and I was good. Everyone is allowed to cry. It is okay to do that. The people who say they do not cry just go somewhere else to do it in private. Do not be afraid to be sad or upset. It is okay.
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