Emotional Balance Feeds Personal Style

It's amazing what a little balance in our lives will do. It's
critical to find it, wherever that may be. Think about it. Without
balance, how is it possible to find, let alone express, your style? How can you be you when you are surrounded by stress? You can't.

Creating balance in our lives may come from various sources. It may
be physical balance ... in the form of exercise, whether that be
running, yoga, pilates, cycling or weight training. It may be mental
balance ... in the form of meditation, reading, or spiritual learning.
It may even be a combination of them all. Whatever the capacity, it
brings emotional balance. For me, I cannot live without yoga (hot yoga).
It provides both physical and mental balance in my life. It allows me
to just be, without the frenzy of stress and chaos. Complete balance. I
am comfortable in my own skin (stretch marks, cellulite and all).

In the world of fashion,
being emotionally balanced means you are open to discovering you and
all of your beauty. You are ready to own your style. You are an
inspiration to others. It's such a positive place to be. And I am so
fortunate to be involved in this kind of work with women and men.



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