Emotional Causes of Menstrual Problems and Affirmations to Healing Them

In my own healing for PMS and period pain, I’ve come to understand, experientially, the powerful connection between the body, mind and spirit. I’ve learned that some of the more serious PMS symptoms and period cramps I experienced were really physical manifestations of negative thinking patterns that I’d held onto for a very long time.

I was living an extremely healthy lifestyle, yet still experiencing PMS and period pains from month to month. What else could I do? I sought answers during meditations and through my mood journals.

And the answers came to me...

1. Women’s menstrual cycles are symbolic of our intuitive wisdom and emotional processing and transformation.

2. When we honor ourselves, love ourselves, and allow our emotions to be processed, we enjoy healthier menstrual cycles. And our minds and bodies are healthier as well.

3. On the other hand, when we refuse to embrace the difficult or unpleasant emotions inside of us, when we deny the shadow sides of our personalities, or when we hold negative beliefs about our menstrual cycles and ourselves as women, various menstrual problems may manifest, including lack of periods, heavy periods, irregular periods, painful periods or PMS/PMDD.

Recognizing this powerful connection between our body, mind and spirit, I began to consciously release the pains that had been lodged in my body from the past. I also began to reprogram my negative thinking patterns through affirmations.

And I’m making progress: I haven’t had period cramps for three cycles in a row.

Here are some of the affirmations I use.

I do this when I’m completely relaxed at the end of my meditation. While gently focusing my attention around my uterus or areas that need healing, I mentally repeat the following:

1. I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.

(Releasing whatever is to be forgiven, whether it concerns you or someone else…)

2. I love you. I love you. I love you.

(Sending loving energy to your genitalia and yourself…)

3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

(Saying thanks to your body, to you, and to all the blessings in your life…)

Many old, long forgotten memories came up for me during the process. See what sensations or emotions surface for you. Just take note of them, and let them go. Continue sending loving energy to yourself, until you’re completely embraced by the loving hands of the universe.

When we love ourselves, everything else in our lives falls into place. It’s simple and true.

What are your experiences? Please leave a comment and share with us.


By Jing Jin

Founder of CycleHarmony.com

A global community of women who are inspired and empowered to honor our menstrual cycles, and embrace the vibrant, radiant women we were born to be.


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