Emotional Freedom

I'm back home for the holidays...and of course I absolutely have to find a few hours to myself (I'm not used to being around other people constantly).

...so I head off to get my nails done, grab a caramel corretto at Second Cup and open my laptop to write about my feeling of content right at this moment.  Having a few hours to myself reminds me what it's like living in Montreal when I have this feeling of tranquility and calmness surrounding me all the time.

It's funny, the last few months when I was in Montreal, I seriously considered what it would be like to move back to Edmonton in the next year...but a few days here, and I realize that I absolutely love (and miss) my life in Montreal. Not because there are infinitely more things to do there (there are) but because I have my own freedom. I love my job and my colleagues. I love the fact that I can come home every night from work and nap on the couch before deciding if I want to go out (or not). I love that, when I decide to go out, I can dance until 3am and not worry about anyone waiting up for me at home. I love that I can spend my weekends in bed reading books because I want to. I love that I don't have to respond to questions about why I'm single, and when I'm going to meet my future husband (and god forbid, he better not be from a different religion). I love that I don't have to listen to all the frivolous family drama that makes me want to shoot someone (or myself). And I love that I can make my own choices when it comes to religious practices and "morality" without having to explain myself to others.

I love my family and my friends here. And I'm sure they mean well. But I have to say, coming home for the holidays makes me extremely grateful for my own lifestyle on the other side of the country.


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