Emotional Responses to Emotional Rhetoric


In a very quick survey of the internet this morning by way of Google, I found pages of news reports of vandals defacing and otherwise trashing political yard signs. What I found most interesting is that my search results revealed that the crimes over the past week happened in far flung states including New York, Wisconsin, Georgia, Delaware and Florida and were primarily Democrat on Republican crimes. Huh.

I wonder if that fact speaks to the character of democrats in general or if it’s more about their obvious desperation since Mitt Romney’s campaign began to surge in the polls across the country? I imagine that it comes to one basic difference between Conservatives and Liberals.


Conservatives, you see, operate from the place in the brain which demands logic and problem-solving skills. The Republican message is authoritative and logical. Liberals, on the other hand, appeal to the emotions of their prey. Their advertisements attempt to hook the sensitive side of the voter, making them feel small, vulnerable and impotent. The messages go something like this: Mitt Romney kills steelworker’s wives. Mitt Romney doesn’t respect women. Mitt Romney hates clean air. Mitt Romney is going to take away your birth control. No wonder they strike out in juvenile ways.


The party which so often crows about preserving the liberties of the downtrodden seems to forget that freedom of speech is also one of those freedoms. But the liberal side is known for its habit of using a double standard. Freedom of speech is fine and good and worthy – as long as that freedom is not used to benefit the opponents. I suspect that this is what happens when the Big Bird defense and the Binder strategy fail.


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