The Emotional Rollercoaster That is “Mom Guilt”

I have been thinking a lot about “mom guilt” lately as I strive to achieve a healthy work/life balance. Why is it that I feel so much guilt spending the day away from my children at work every day? I love my job and enjoy the time I spend at work, it is my perspective that being mom and specifically a working mom is something to be proud of; you can read more on my perspectives on that topic [here]. The only issue is that I feel guilt when I have to work late, or guilt for missing my son’s mother’s day tea, guilt for going to get my haircut without my children after work, guilt for doing chores at home while my son is fussing in his bouncy chair. My life is racked with guilt about spending time away from my children even knowing they are getting amazing care and lots of love from their providers while I am working.



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