Empty nest becomes full again

My son graduated and went off to college this year.  We were thinking finally time for just the two of us. Isn't this what all couples want when their child/ children are old enough tobe on their own, just coming home to visit stay a few days and then continue thier own lives?

One leaves for college, one moves home with there entire family in tow. They have no place to go and two small children. How can you tell them they can't stay, you can't they're your children & grandchildren.  We planned on letting them stay til they get back on thier feet,  letting them get some money ahead to put on a place, while having a safe place to come home to.  They both have jobs that pay good, we live on a fixed income, yet we pay all the bills and buy the food. We help take care of the grandkids, cook and clean. I think we have let it go to far as they aren't putting money back nor paying for things that need to be paid for.

If it wasn't for the grandchildren they wouldn't still be here seeing your adult children acting like young children isn't a good thing to see. Parenting is an ongoing process even when they are adults. I have relized this within the last few months our youngest takes better care of stuff then they do. Cleaning up after yourself in my house is a given. The last few months I've felt like a maid unless I get mad and yell at them who wants to still be hollering at their children at the age of 25 to pick up their clothes? Not this mom.


Have we let them go to far? Any suggestions, comments?


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