The Empty Nest Life Entails Growing Pains!

I have been blessed with a lovely family.  I have hit that stage in life where we don’t struggle as hard and life has gotten a tad easier but no life goes without moments of sadness and even during a blessed and comfortable stage there are  ‘moments’!  My children spent their spring breaks with me at our second home and their father popped in too. Unfortunately, it has all ended!  (Yes, I know it had to end)  Now, I find myself alone.  It was a wonderful week.  Actually,I had my daughter with me for almost ten days!! My son for four days and my husband for two days. I did a lot of cleaning and cooking. I enjoyed listening to the normal sounds of my family.  I was in heaven! But, Now, I am dealing with  some loneliness and sadness.  It will pass.  I know my kids are happy.  My husband is beyond busy and I will be seeing him soon and then we will be together daily!!   Lastly, we will all be together for Easter and a double bonus we will be spending it with my parents.  Oh, the growing pains of learning to deal with the empty nest life!

So, what do you do to fend off lonely times? Or, how do you handle sadness?


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