Empty WHAT????

I've been thinking, as of late, about what my house will be like next year with BOTH Bitchy and Sassy gone. 



My heart is doing all kinds of crazy things...


While I am proud and happy that they have begun their journey into adulthood, I am selfishly mourning the passing of time.     


I still remember finding naked Barbie Dolls in the fridge, and Polly Pockets stuffed in armchairs and the vases that adorn my various shelves and cubby holes. 


These young ladies who used to pull each other by the hair and call each other unspeakable names are now charting their future. 


And while I'm proud and sad at the same time, I know that I am powerless to stop this.  


I AM thankful that I am connected to them (technologically) in ways that my parents NEVER WERE. 


Honestly, I don't know how they did it.  They pushed us out the door with only the hope that we would call once in while and let them know we were still among the living. 


I will be living for the HUNDRED daily text messages and Skype calls I intend to receive. 


It just might keep  me sane. 




Are you connected?  NO?   Well don't worry,   You will be.   


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